While there are garage mechanics that can rebuild engines, some vehicle owners cannot find an oil dipstick. According to a recent survey of 2,000 married homeowners with children and driver’s licenses, nearly two-thirds (63%) said that they had ignored a dashboard warning light on purpose, while 4% of men and 13% of the women surveyed … Continued

  “Dragging brakes” is a term that refers to brakes that remain partially applied even though pressure is not being exerted on the brake pedal. One of the likely causes of dragging brakes is contaminated brake buy glucophage online pharmacy fluid, which usually occurs as a result of openings around rubber seals or tiny breaks … Continued

Some vehicle owners express their holiday spirit by decorating their front grill with wreathes, ribbons, and images of Santa Claus or Rudolph. As delightful as these decorations are, they pose a potential danger to the efficient operation of the radiator. If pine needles from wreathes, threads, and other debris are allowed to collect in the … Continued

The “serpentine belt” that drives a number of devices in an automotive engine (including the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and air conditioning compressor) is critical to the proper functioning of a vehicle. As little as a 5% loss of rib material and surface wear can affect how the belt performs, while a mere … Continued

Drivers should remember that their vehicles run on electricity as well as gasoline. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that a fuse protects nearly every electrical accessory and system in your vehicle. The next time that your radio, lights, or other electrical device stops working, the chances are that a blown … Continued

To help guard against engine overheating during the upcoming summer months, it is recommended that vehicle owners flush the coolant from their automobile’s radiators and coolant systems and clean the front face of the radiator as well. The flush service removes acids, phosphate and silicate gels, rust particles, and mineral deposits, as well as replenishes … Continued

After a recent surge in safety recalls (largely ?caused by exploding airbags and faulty? ignition switches), more than 50 million? vehicles have been affected. The good news ?is that safety recalls fix problems recognized ?by the manufacturer with no cost to ?consumers. The bad news is that the majority ?of consumers ignore recalls. The government … Continued

After an accident, most vehicle owners are primarily concerned with the cost to restore the exterior and the paint finish. However, there is more to auto body repair than that. Automobiles were once built using “body-on-frame construction” in which the frame provided the primary support and torsional stiffness of the vehicle’s structure. Now, with the … Continued

Fuel injection systems rely heavily on information gathered about the motor’s current operating conditions in order to calculate the correct fuel mixture to optimize both power and fuel economy. So, it is understandable that a vacuum leak can disrupt the engine computer’s ability to get the information it needs to run correctly. Instead, a vacuum … Continued