Your Vehicle’s¬†Computer &¬†Fuel Injection System

The computer in your car/light truck is an amazing piece of technology. Actually, the computer in your car consists of a number of computers. The number of computers varies by car manufacturer and sophistication of the car or light truck. Some car’s “computer” consists of as many as 30-40 smaller computers and sub-modules; each monitoring and controlling its portion of the car. The network of computers controls the engine, transmission, air bags, brakes, fuel injectors, and even the fans that keep the radiator and coolant at the proper temperature, plus much more. Your car’s computer-controlled components can be as large as the engine and as small as an individual fuel injector.

Individual car computer systems consist of a myriad of sensors, actuators, and components. Sensors check your car’s component performance and then report their findings to their computer. The computer takes input from the sensors, compares it to the car’s basic program, and then sends commands to the actuators. A malfunction in any of these or in the wiring that connects them will lead to an unreliable car/light truck.

Car Computer Diagnostic Equipment and Software

Special diagnostic equipment and software are needed to determine the source of a car’s computer problem and correct it. Car manufacturers sell diagnostic equipment for their line of vehicles but their equipment does not work on other manufacturer’s vehicles. Generic diagnostic equipment is available that works on a variety of makes but generic equipment doesn’t provide as much information as car manufacturer-specific equipment. All car diagnostic equipment and the software it runs is expensive and the software must be constantly updated to ensure that the auto repair center has the most current information needed to accurately diagnose car’s problems. PJW Automotive makes the investment needed to purchase and upgrade these tools.

Diagnosing the Car’s Computer-Related Sensors, Actuators, and Components

Your car’s sensors can malfunction causing incorrect data to be sent to your car’s computer. Due to the numerous computers and the complexity of the network of computers, the myriad of components monitored, components controlled, and the numerous sensors throughout the car, diagnosing a problem with a car isn’t as simple as one might think. The interaction among components and sensors is a complex network under the hood of your car. Diagnosing a problem requires time, the right diagnostic equipment, and expertise. Hooking up your car’s computer to the diagnostic equipment doesn’t mean a quick answer to your car’s problem. Trouble codes from multiple computers must be analyzed before a technician can accurately determine the cause of your car’s problem. As a result, time spent diagnosing a car’s problem, is charged to the customer. PJW Auto employs only ASE-Certified Master Advanced Level Technicians to ensure that we get to the root of the problem the first time and don’t waste your money on unnecessary repairs. Let us find and resolve the problems with your complex, computer-controlled car or light truck.