Car/Light Truck Electrical Systems

Some of the components of the electrical systems of your car or light truck are as simple as a headlight, turn signal, heater blower, and as complex as the main computer and the myriad of sub-computers that monitor and control just about every part of your car or light truck. The cabling in your car or light truck’s electrical system is similar to fiber optic cable that is used to transmit voice and data communications in that it carries messages from each electrical component to its computer and then, after analysis by the computer, a message is sent back to the component. There are hundreds of messages being sent every minute you drive. Your car or light truck’s electrical system is a key component; without it you and your car will go nowhere.

Car Batteries have become more complex as well. With the advent of hybrid SUVs like the Mercury Mariner, additional batteries are required to power the vehicle when the engine is not running. These batteries produce 220V of power. Special training is required to service hybrid cars as the voltage in these batteries is sufficient to seriously injure or kill a person if they are not trained. Our ASE-Certified Master repair technicians are trained to service highly technical electrical systems in today’s hybrid cars.

The most common car/light truck electrical problems PJW Auto services are issues due to dashboard warning lights, cars and light trucks that won’t start, exterior lights that are burned out, dead batteries, alternators, starters, switches, and control units (sub-computers). It is important to report warning light indicators to the PJW Auto service team as the problems they highlight can often times be repaired quickly and inexpensively if they are diagnosed and repaired soon after the warning light comes on. Ignoring your car’s dashboard warning lights usually costs the car or light truck owner additional time and money as the problem originally reported can affect other parts leading to more expensive to repair.

To learn more about the electrical system and sub-controls, how they work and the inter-relationship that exists among electrical components, please visit our Used Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection page.