Car/Light Truck Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The climate/comfort control systems in your vehicle blend hot and cool air to provide a comfortable environment for the occupants of your car. Gone are the days where a single blower provides all the heat and cooling for an entire car. Newer cars may have climate controls for each seating area of the car. Many cars have heated seats and dual-temperature controls provide individual comfort levels for you and your front seat passenger.

To deliver the comfort advertised, the heating and air conditioning systems in today’s cars are very complex, highly sophisticated, inter-related systems that work year-round to keep your car comfortable regardless of the weather outside. The maintenance and repair of your car’s heating and air conditioning systems require sophisticated diagnosis, special procedures, and skilled technicians who can perform the procedures.

While some of the components of today’s cars and light truck heating and cooling systems are the same as in older vehicles; many are not. Computers and sensors provide comfort that simply was not possible only a few short years ago. The primary components of today’s car and light truck heating system are: coolant, heater core, blower motor, heater control valve, and the thermostat. The air conditioning system in your car consists of: the air conditioning (A/C) compressor, evaporator core(s) (some vehicles have more than one), condensers, electronic switches and controls, and refrigerant lines. For each of these components to operate without fail requires maintenance and the expertise of skilled ASE-certified master technicians who are trained. A comfortable and safe drive to your destination in extreme heat and cold is only possible by keeping your car’s heating and electrical systems maintained and repaired. PJW Auto is trained and equipped with the equipment necessary to keep you comfortable as you drive regardless of the outside temperature.