When engine mounts become worn, damaged, or broken, they can cause clunking, banging, and other impact-type sounds that result from the weight of the engine shifting excessively to the point of contact. Marks on the radiator indicate that this might be the problem. In vehicles in which the engine faces forward with the cooling fan being driven by a belt, these marks are a likely indication that worn mounts are allowing the engine to lurch forward in the engine compartment. Unlike older engine mounts, which were composed of simple slabs of rubber, today’s mounts are precisely engineered into specific shapes, with some filled with silicone or hydraulic fluid. It is important to replace worn and damaged mounts with like components.

You may have noticed a slight banging noise that has gone undiagnosed. With an examination, one of our ASE-certified technicians here at PJW AUTOMOTIVE, INC. can determine if engine mounts are at fault. Whether it be engine mounts or another source, it is best to get to the cause before it becomes a costly problem. Call us for an appointment and have one of our skilled technicians make the repair whatever the need.

HINT: Besides indirectly breaking engine parts, bad engine mounts can lead to damaged belts and hoses.

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