Car/Light Truck Scheduled Maintenance

Normal Car Maintenance Schedule

All cars come with maintenance schedules recommended by the car manufacturer. A normal maintenance schedule applies only if none of the conditions specified in the car manufacturer’s severe schedule maintenance guidelines apply. To qualify for normal maintenance, the car or light truck can’t be used to tow a trailer, driven in a dusty environment or used off-road. The car also must be driven until it is fully warmed under highway conditions. Unfortunately, these conditions don’t apply to most cars and light trucks.

Severe-Use Car Maintenance Schedule

Since very few cars qualify for the normal maintenance schedule, they must be maintained using the severe-use maintenance schedule. This maintenance schedule should be used if any of the following are true about the car’s use:

  • most trips with the car are less than 5 – 10 miles,
  • the car is driven in stop and go traffic,
  • the car is used to pull a trailer or has a roof carrier,
  • the car is used for commercial purposes (delivery service, police, taxi, etc.)

Scheduled Maintenance – A Matter of Safety

Scheduled maintenance of your car or light truck involves a number of steps all necessary to the longevity and reliability. Most drivers are aware of the need to change their car’s oil and filter but may not be aware of the additional steps required to keep their vehicle in top running condition. Inspection of key car systems such as air filters, brakes, traction control systems, and tires are critical to the health and safety of a car and its occupants. An ASE-certified technician is trained to spot potential problems and save the car’s owner and passengers additional cost and the inconvenience created by flat tires and road-side breakdowns.

PJW Auto’s team of trained and ASE-certified master technicians are a critical part of a vehicle’s reliability; providing safety and comfort for the car’s driver and passengers. Call today and let us put your mind at ease and enable you to have a great driving experience.