PJW Auto’s Car and Light Truck Services

PJW Auto specializes in maintaining and repairing General Motors (GM), Ford, Chrysler, and Asian-import cars and light trucks. Our wide range of services includes but are not, limited to:

Complete mileage-based maintenance schedules required to keep your manufacturer warranty in effect and your vehicle running at its designed performance level.

It used to be that you could bring in your car or light truck, have someone throw in a few quarts of SAE-30 weight oil, change your filter, and you were good to go. Not today. Many cars and light trucks cannot run at peak performance with the old “oil change.” Different cars need different grades of oil, and in different amounts, with specific oil filters. Not only that, but many other factors can cause a modern car or light truck to begin to fail or even stop completely. Even something as simple as the wrong mix of fuel and air can stop your car or light truck dead in its tracks. Today’s cars and light trucks are finely tuned technical instruments that require multiple computer centers to coordinate a variety of important functions, such as adjusting your car’s fuel mixture, maintaining your car’s brake hydraulic pressure, coordinate braking, and even monitor the tire pressure.

We are a Neighborhood Auto Repair Pro, meaning we perform our in-shop checklist of auto maintenance items and the recommended manufacturer’s service each and every time you bring your car or light truck to PJW Auto. These checks are inexpensive and help you avoid expensive auto repairs by aiding us in detecting and repairing the little problems before they become big ones.

We can perform the manufacturer recommended service intervals for your vehicle by the mileage driven, maintaining the performance your car or light truck is designed to have.

Bring your car or light truck in to PJW Auto and gain peace of mind knowing that our ASE-Certified mechanics do the best for you and your car or light truck!

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