Car/Light Truck Steering and Suspension

The steering and suspension systems of your car or light truck provide comfort and convenience and are important to your safety and the safety of your passengers. Most of today’s cars come equipped with power-assisted, rack and pinion steering; aka “power steering”.

The power steering in your car or light truck is achieved through hydraulic pumps, connecting lines, hoses, belts, and hydraulic fluid. Some cars have an older style gear box power-assisted steering system. Some newer cars have electric power assisted steering. Regardless of the power steering equipment that is installed in your car or light truck, it must be inspected and maintained on a regular basis to keep you and your passengers safe.

The main components in your car or light truck’s steering and suspension systems are the: ball joints, tie rod ends, springs, shocks, struts, and strut mounts, bushings, control arms, sway bars, and sway bar links. Worn components in the suspension and steering systems put unnecessary wear and tear on other parts and can wear out tires faster than normal or cause uneven wear on your car or light truck’s tires. Regular maintenance includes replacing fluids and generic inspections for worn components and leaks that could compromise other components.

At PJW Auto, our full-service oil change includes an inspection of your car or light truck’s steering and suspension systems. Regular inspection ensures that potential life-threatening problems don’t go undetected. Failure of these vital components may leave you stranded and requiring a tow but could cause your car or light truck to flip out of control injuring or killing you and/or your passengers. Worn ball joints or tie rod ends are an accident and/or an injury waiting to happen. You can avoid breakdowns and injury by bringing your car or light truck to PJW Auto for regular oil changes and mileage-based maintenance service.