Car and Light Truck Transmissions

The transmission in your car or light truck transfers power from the engine to its wheels and tires. This being the case, a well maintained transmission is important to your car or light truck’s usefulness.

Car transmissions have changed from having a manual mechanical gear box transmission with A FEW speeds to an automatic transmission equipped with a combination gear box and hydraulic pump capable of two speeds to today’s automatic, computer-controlled transmissions with six speeds that get better gas mileage due to their increased efficiency.

There is little that needs to be done to service today’s automatic transmissions. Servicing a car or light truck’s transmission in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule is the best way to ensure that it will last and be trouble-free. Factory recommended transmission maintenance procedures include fluid changes and, if necessary, transmission filter changes and fixing nuisance leaks due to failure of a gasket or seal.

PJW Auto is trained and equipped to maintain transmissions in today’s cars and light trucks as well as resolve more complex transmission issues such as shift control problems and total transmission replacements using factory remanufactured transmissions. Cars and light trucks that pull trailers or trailers that are overloaded, will require more frequent transmission inspection and service. Our full-service oil change includes checking your car or light truck’s transmission fluid levels and condition to ensure that you car or light truck’s transmission is maintained and small problems with the transmission resolved before your car has problems.

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