Used Car and Light Truck Pre-purchase Inspection

You found a used car or light truck; the price is right and the mileage is low. The current owner claims it’s been a good, dependable vehicle — no problems! You like the car but you really want a second opinion from someone you can trust. PJW Auto is your trusted advisor when it comes to knowing if the “deal” you found is a deal or a nightmare about to happen.

We take the guess work out of purchasing a used car or light truck. Our used vehicle pre-purchase inspection is a multi-step process intended to uncover potential issues. Our inspection starts with test driving the car or light truck. We listen for unusual noises and feel for shakes, vibrations, shimmy’s, erratic transmission operation, pulling to one side, and engine performance-related problems.

Next, we scan through the computer system for stored trouble codes. We put the vehicle on our hoist and look at the underside of the vehicle. We inspect the wheels, tires, steering, suspension, brakes, and look for damage to underside, and fluid leaks. We also look for previous repairs that were poorly done.

We open the hood and look for fluid leaks and evidence of collision damage in the engine compartment. We check belts, fluids, filters, and hoses for wear. We watch the engine while it is running and look for erratic behaviour. Finally, we look down the fender lines looking for possible accident repairs and evidence that the vehicle’s body was repainted or repaired.

Our inspection is intended to be thorough enough to locate potential problems yet is cost-effective. Our report allows you to quickly see the health and safety of the vehicle. Diagnostic work for specific issues is not included but is available at your request for an additional cost. All of our findings are judged as:

  • checked – this item is in satisfactory condition,
  • watch – this item requires no work today but warrants inspection within 90 days,
  • immediate/safety – this item is in need of immediate repair for the safe operation of the vehicle.

Call to schedule an appointment to have one of our ASE-certified master technicians give you an unbiased opinion before you purchase your next used vehicle.